Stylish Accessory Methods to Perfect Your Elegance

Whether you take a sweet and cute route, or a gentle lady style, a beret concave shape always reflects your distinctive tastes, it can easily set off the unique charm of women. Therefore, how to wear a beret to show you unique style? Today, Bring in the berets and match diagrams to help you improve your grace index.

Example one:  Grey Coat & Camel Beret

Dark gray Korean woolen coat, very self-fitting, the style of the suit is a bit mature, and it looks very intellectual generous. With a black undercoat and a high-waisted leaf skirt with pantyhose and black high-heeled boots, it’s a tall figure. To wear a dark dress is a bit dull and monotonous. Wearing a camel beret is just fine, and it is embrace with a touch of sweetness in maturity.

Example two:Latticed Coat & Black Beret

The matching of the classic black & white gray coat and the dress,  it highlight the elegant of body. The fine pattern is full of sweet and sweet smell, with the bow tie with the bow. It is more tender and beautiful, with black tights and short boots. The narrow wear of the upper width is very slim. The black belly hat is wearing the head and the gentle lady fan is full.

Example Three : Pink Coat & Pink Beret

Light pink blouse, horn sleeve and shoulder fall design, decorated shoulder-type, but also very cute age. Under the brown high waist A character skirt, belt decoration waist is thin and fashionable, sweet and sweet. Water drill sweater chain makes the shape more stylish. A pink beret dotted with a blouse, sweet.

Example Four : Short Coat with Black Beret

This body shape is very suitable for cute girl who very tall and thin. Dark gray short coat, hair big lapels really turned, inside a purplish red sweater, get off the boat black skirt and handsome Martin boots, simple and resistant to look, leisure sweet gathering a whole body. The addition of black berets, so that the shape full of bright spots. I was dressed up as a cute sister in Korea.

The cold weather still needs a coat, this classic plaid coat with horn buckle design, fashion and good-looking, with a white turtleneck sweater and ruffled skirt to make girls look very temperament, Add a pink beret and a touch of elegance.

Beret is born with a rich elegant vintage flavor, with the “decay into magic” strange charm, can be simple and plain to inject a trace of French style. How could a beret be missing in 2018!

Grey natural high sense, gray beret with rabbit hair texture and shining bright removable needle, the more noble and gorgeous, with a light pink dress or shirt, elegant without losing the sweet romance of girls.

So retro and elegant, no wonder Beret Hat became a very popular item in 2018. A simple beret can inject a bit of French style into your outfit. How can you miss it if you like the retro style?




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